Inades - Modern Interiors and Design

Our name itself – Inades (standing for ‘interior and design’) – testifies to the fact that at our premises you will not only discover beautiful kitchens, but will also be dealing with recognised experts. The Inades Team comprises designers with long-term experience, not just in the Czech Republic but also abroad. When you are creating your project you can look forward both to a great deal of valuable advice and also a very interesting adventure in the world of technology and materials and the many other “cool features” that high-quality kitchens exhibit.

Since all of us at Inades well know that undertaking reconstruction or renovation projects absorbs a lot of time, money and nervous energy :o) and that kitchens are just one feature in respect of the entire interior, we are more than happy to offer you a helping hand. We do not stick to regular working hours and we are fully willing to accommodate your schedule. If you need our help, we are ready to come to you. This means that you can leave all the details in our hands and you will discover that we can easily deal with the project as a whole.

More than just the kitchen

Even though, to a large degree, the entire home revolves around the kitchen, we are careful not to stop at just the kitchen units and will gladly take care of other aspects of your home’s interior. Whether you require flooring, interior preparation, built-in wardrobes, living-room accoutrements or other features, you most certainly do not need to look too far. Simply mention it and be pleasantly surprised by our offer!

“The personal and highly professional approach of our designers and our high-quality products at an affordable price - these are the values ??on which Inades is built. The main pillars of our company are our creative designers who have many years of experience in the field of kitchen furniture design, our very experienced and helpful implementation team and a product that offers superior options.”

Petr Oubrecht, executive director